Battery Orbit Products Individual B3 Clamps


Which company stocks the widest selection of battery accessories?

Battery Orbit has a wide selection of battery accessories for sale. Our product range includes battery accessories, batteries for gate motors, alarms, motor vehicles, drill packs and hobby packs. Our battery accessories include chargers, bridging cables, battery connectors, battery water, boosting cables and battery clamps. 

Our range of chargers includes Motobat, CTEK and Benton chargers. We can also supply heavy duty chargers such as Hawkins on special requests. Each Bridging cable supplied is accompanied by terminals or lugs. They are high in quality and power. The bridging cables are made in 300mm long in length with 35mm, 50mm and 70mm copper cables.

We supply 3 types of jumper cables. A light duty cable, 25mm cable x 2metre length used for cars. A heavy duty cable, 35mm cable x 3metre length that is used for trucks and extra heavy duty cable which is 50mm x 3 metre used for buses and trucks.

We also supply universal battery clamps that can be fitted on all types of batteries. At Battery Orbit we offer you the best prices when it comes to battery accessories.

We offer you value for money on all battery accessories. Visit our branches today to get your battery and battery accessories.

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