1Vehicle Batteries

Battery for Buses, Trucks, Cars and Motobikes

We offer a comprehensive range of sealed maintenance free as well as vented 12 volt batteries for your vehicle. We also stock 6 volt batteries for vintage cars. Our batteries come with a 12 to 25 month factory warranty. We offer free battery, starter and alternator testing. We will also fit your new battery at no extra charge at our branches.


4Domestic Batteries

Lawn mowers, Gate Motors, Electric Fence, Alarms, Garage Doors, Laptops, Invertors, Domestic Appliances
we have a wide range of lead acid , deep cycle and GEL batteries in stock


7Boosting Cables

CARS: 25mm copper cable x 2 meter length. TRUCKS: 35mm copper cable x 3meter length. MACHINERY: 50mm copper cable x 3 meter length. Other lengths can be made on special requests.

2Leisure Batteries

Golf Carts, Quad bikes, Jet Skies, Aeroplanes, Toys

We offer a wide range of sealed maintenance free and vented batteries. We have deep cycle, Gel and lead acid batteries in stock.




5Battery Chargers

We stock a range of CTEK, Benton and Motobat chargers for your needs. We can also supply heavy duty Hawkins chargers on request.


8Battery Clamps

We supply universal battery clamps to fit all types of batteries.

3Industrial Batteries

Forklifts, Dumpers, Generators, Machines, Standby and Solar System

We supply battery water for traction batteries in forklifts and garages for top in their forecourts. We repack batteries for cordless drills, telephones and other appliances.



6Bridging Cables

Our bridging cables are of a very high quality and are supplied with terminals as well as with lugs. Standard lengths of 300mm long with 35mm, 50mm and 70mm copper cables. We do make other sizes and lengths on request.

9Consumer Batteries